Friday, June 22, 2012

House Update!

Buying an older home is not for the weak... its for the CRAZY! And the crazy also decide to have more babies while making plans for house updates and remodels.

Recently we moved furniture around in our master bedroom and hung blackout shades on the FIVE windows. Here are a couple mid-progress photos.

Couch mid move - notice the washcloths under the feet.
 My idea, I started moving things before George came upstairs. 

New position of the bed. We had it on the wall where the couch is....
was not working with the room, this is so much better! 

Corner, where George has his dresser. 

Mirror is where the bed was.... see, much better this new way. 

Nursery off behind french doors. 

Pitstop - Claire helping Daddy build shelves in the "pass thru"
bathroom/guest bedroom closet. This is the master bath. 

Added shades "Martha" aka Terri Foote made...
I think its helping keep the room cooler this summer. 

Another shade shot - George said it made the room feel like a B&B. 

We still need to RE-paint the ceiling and purchase a new fan! But its progress and with the new rearrangement of the furniture, it feels bigger! If you can imagine!

Next up - master bathroom photos.....


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