Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Fun in Downtown!

Living in such a great neighborhood, we have started to make some really nice friends. Kari Keith, a neighbor down the street, is starting her own business, Kari Keith Photography. She took on the challenge of the Havrilla family and captured some great images in our very own Downtown Fort Worth.

Here are a couple of our favorites, you can see more over on her Facebook page. Thanks Kari!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just a little story to get things started! Picture it. You are at mass and sitting quietly reflecting in prayer after communion. All of the Eucharistic ministers are finishing up and returning to their seats. Father is just about to sit down and from the second row several people hear, "BuhBye Jesus! BuhBYE!" - That would be our little Claire. Giving a little shout-out to tell Jesus she would see him later. We thought two weeks ago was pretty spontaneous, but when she did it again this last Sunday, we figure she has a grasp on the mass now!

Hope family and friends enjoy this little space. We plan to use it as we share the remodel of our home, the adventures of raising a family and a way to reach out and connect.  --- Nicole